learn btc

Course Description

Our Bitcoin for Beginners course is perfect for newcomers and those wanting to deepen their knowledge of Bitcoin.

You will get a clear introduction to money, Bitcoin, and its impact on finance. Learn the history of money, what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why it matters. Our interactive lessons will teach you to set up Bitcoin wallets, make transactions, and protect your digital assets.

This 8-week course fits easily into your schedule with classes every Saturday at 2 PM GMT. Led by industry experts and seasoned Bitcoin professionals, you’ll get top-notch instruction and practical insights into Bitcoin fundamentals.

Course Content

  • What is Money?
  • Functions and Properties of Money
  • The History of Money: From Barter to Digital
  • Modern Currency and Its Evolution
  • The Role of Money in the Economy
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • History of Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto
  • How Bitcoin Works
  • The Role of Blockchain Technology
  • Bitcoin vs Traditional Currency
  • Introduction to Bitcoin Wallets
  • Types of Bitcoin Wallets: Hardware, Software, and Paper
  • Setting Up a Bitcoin Wallet
  • Self-Custodial vs Third-Party Custodial Wallets
  • Best Practices for Wallet Security
  • Basics of Blockchain Technology
  • How Blockchain Ensures Security and Transparency
  • The Role of Nodes and Miners
  • Consensus Mechanisms: Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
  • Real-World Applications of Blockchain
  • Understanding Bitcoin Transactions
  • How to Send and Receive Bitcoin
  • Transaction Fees and Confirmation Times
  • Using QR Codes for Transactions
  • Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • Importance of Security in Bitcoin
  • Protecting Your Private Keys
  • Recognizing and Avoiding Scams
  • Using Multi-Signature Wallets
  • Backup and Recovery Strategies
  • Basics of Bitcoin Investing
  • Understanding Market Trends
  • Risks and Rewards of Bitcoin Investment
  • Long-term vs Short-term Investment Strategies
  • Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio
  • Group Discussions and Q&A
  • Presentation of Assignments
  • Feedback and Peer Review
  • Future Learning Paths and Resources

What to Expect

  • Understanding of Bitcoin
  • Practical Skills
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Expert Guidance
  • Certificate of Completion


What not to Expect

  • Advanced Technical Training
  • Guaranteed Investment Returns
  • Detailed Coverage of Other Cryptos
  • Instant Mastery
  • Personalized Financial Advice