Membership Application Process

Your application will be carefully reviewed by our Admissions Team to ensure it meets the criteria outlined below.

Our team will thoroughly evaluate each application to ensure all candidates align with Bitfiasi’s values and mission. Bitfiasi Initiative is committed to empowering young African women through financial literacy and Bitcoin education, to drive personal and community growth. Our network supports initiatives, aiming to create a positive social and economic impact within their communities.

Explore Our Tailored Membership Options for Every Need

Select Your Membership Type

Basic Plan

$0 /year

Newcomers and those interested in learning about Bitcoin and financial literacy


  • Access to resources and educational materials
  • Monthly newsletter with updates and tips.
  • Invitations to general events and webinars.
  • Access to a members-only online community forum.

Professional Plan

$30 /year

Young professionals and entrepreneurs.


  • All Basic Membership benefits
  • Access to advanced workshops and networking events
  • Exclusive webinars on entrepreneurship and business development.
  • Listing in a professional directory for networking opportunities.
  • Personalized mentorship and career development sessions.

Premium Plan

$70 /year

Individuals seeking in-depth knowledge and exclusive opportunities.


  • All Professional Membership benefits
  • VIP access to all events and priority registration.
  • One-on-one consultations with Bitcoin and financial experts
  • Access to premium content and resources
  • Exclusive networking events with industry leaders.
  • Opportunity to participate in pilot programs and special projects

Liftetime Plan

$500 one time

Long-term supporters and benefactors.


  • All Premium Membership benefits for life.
  • Special recognition on the Bitfiasi website and at events.
  • Lifetime access to all educational resources and events.
  • Exclusive lifetime member events.
  • Personalized support and advisory services

Corporate Plan


Businesses and organizations supporting women's empowerment and financial literacy.


  • Access to all resources and events for multiple employees.
  • Corporate branding opportunities at events and in publications.
  • Custom workshops and training sessions for employees.
  • Partnership opportunities for joint events and initiatives.
  • Regular reports on the impact and progress of the initiative.
  • Showcase at all our events at no extra marketing cost